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For Those with Managing and Editing Privileges

The primary purpose of this calendar is to help us be more involved with the other congregations around us. You want members of other congregations to attend and support your meetings and events, and they want your members to attend and support theirs. Unfortunately, such is often not possible because of one reason: scheduling conflicts. They can't attend your meeting if it's scheduled at the same time as theirs. You can't take your kids to their VBS if you scheduled yours the same week.

The solution: we all use this one easy-to-use calendar to see what events are already scheduled, and whenever possible, we schedule new events at times that do not conflict with those already on the calendar.

Anyone can click on the above link and see a read-only version of the calendar. Managing and editing privileges are generally limited to one person for each congregation. Here's what you need to do to have and use such privileges:

1. If you are a minister or other leader in a congregation that is not listed, and/or you have not received an invitation to add your church events to this calendar, you can request such by sending an email with information about you and your congregation.

2. Once you are approved, you will receive a confirmation email inviting you to use Google Calendar.

3. Click here or on the link above or the one in the email, and you will be directed to a Google page asking you to sign in.

4. If you do not already have a Google account, create one using the same email address you used to make your request. (If for some reason you choose to use a different email address, you will need to send that email address so that it can be changed.)

After you sign in, adding your events to the calendar is easy: click on the DATE of your event, click on WHAT and input info about the event, click on CALENDAR and select COLUMBUS AREA CHURCHES OF CHRIST, and then click on CREATE EVENT.

Remember, whenever possible, try to schedule your events so that they don't conflict with other area events already scheduled. Get in the habit of looking at the calendar prior to setting a date for a new church event.

IMPORTANT: Do not alter any event already on the calendar. Your specific email account privileges allow you to make any changes to anything on the calendar, but please respect what others add to the calendar, and only amend events you yourself are adding.

Announce and publish in your bulletin, on your website, etc. Encourage all your members to see what is happening among the brotherhood in this area and participate as much as possible.

Email info, corrections, and/or all other requests to: Bob Williams
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Broad Street Church of Christ
1213 Broad Street  Phenix City, AL 36867  334.614.1503

Buena Vista Church of Christ
124 Oliver Street  Buena Vista, GA 31803  229.649.4124

Cataula Church of Christ
3434 Hwy 27  Cataula, GA 31807  706.987.9791

Chattahoochee Valley Church of Christ
122 Bascom Road  Columbus, GA 31909  706.653.6565

Columbus Church of Christ
5900 Coca Cola Blvd. Ste B  Columbus, GA 31909  706.536.9312

Crawford Church of Christ
75 Hwy 169 N.  Phenix City, AL 36870  334.297.4691

Cusseta Road Church of Christ
3013 Cusseta Road  Columbus, GA 31903  706.682.8106

Edgewood Church of Christ
4102 Macon Road  Columbus, GA 31907  706.561.3792

Floyd Road Church of Christ
1231 Floyd Road  Columbus, GA 31907  706.562.0102

Forrest Road Church of Christ
6224 Forrest Road  Columbus, GA 31907  706.563.7518

McCartha Drive Church of Christ
165 McCartha Drive  Columbus, GA 31907  706.682.1840

Motts Church of Christ
1326 Lee Road 249E  Smiths Station, AL 36877  334.756.7057

Northside Church of Christ
835 Double Churches Road  Columbus, GA 31904  706.327.4696

Phenix City Church of Christ
3746 W. Hwy 80  Phenix City, AL 36870  334.298.8508

Rose Hill Church of Christ
7479 Old Moon Road  Columbus, GA 31909  706.322.8759

Seale Church of Christ
4841 Old Seale Hwy 431  Seale, AL 36975  334.855.0018

South Girard Church of Christ
520 Fontaine Road  Phenix City, AL 36867  334.297.4450

Stafford Road Church of Christ
11025 Lee Road 240  Phenix City, AL 36870  334.732.0290

Torch Hill Road Church of Christ
2009 Torch Hill Road  Columbus, GA 31903  706.687.9908

Warm Springs Road Church of Christ
4765 Warm Springs Road  Columbus, GA 31909  706.563.3060